Why choose XPF?

Having me as a personal trainer can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine

1:1 Private Personal Training

Personal training at home, the gym or online


Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 2 Fitness Instructor


A friendly and innovative approach to fitness

Health is wealth

Why is health and fitness so important?

Having a healthy body is about so much more than just looking good.

At XPF I go further than anyone else when it comes to helping you with your weight loss or fitness goals, by this I mean longevity. As we age the healthier lifestyle we lead can result in additional benefits over and above just looking good naked! e.g. being fit and healthy helps you fight infections, carry on doing the things you enjoy most - sport, socialising, work etc - at XPF we provide you with a blueprint for life to help you maintain your health and fitness goals.

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Regular resistance training has been shown to slow down or even reverse the bodies natural aging process


Reduce the risk of some diseases, diabetes, strokes, some cancers, and osteoporosis.


Exercise improves your mood, fights fatigue, promotes endorphins and self-confidence


Regular exercise promotes strong muscles, bones and improves cardiovascular health

My Services.

I provide a broad range of personal training services to help my clients reach their goals.

Fitness Consultations

I gather a baseline of where you are now in terms of health, fitness and your goals

body building

I can help you build muscle, lower your body fat %, look bigger, become leaner

Fitness Plans

Let me create a fitness plan tailored to you that we can periodically review


I can help you with your short and long term weightloss goals and eating plans

General Fitness

I can help you reach new heights of fitness so you meet your goals

Fitness Technologies

I can help you utilise modern technology to stay fit and healthy

I was going to the gym 4 times a week, running 3 times a week, eating the right foods but I was still unhappy with my body, I had hardly any muscle gain. I could not understand why I did not look closer to the fitness experts on YouTube and Instagram. After a few personal training sessions with Julian I realised totally where I was going wrong - thank you so much for sorting me out!



Julian really helped me with my confidence in that once I was set on the right path to losing weight I knew I could get the body I always wanted. I'm now much more self motivated to keep fit and eat healthy.


Lyme Regis

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